Unlock joy with the cashless way of spending using your Visa Gold Credit Card, benefiting from spending power and convenience every step of the way. Find out more about the advantages tailored for Visa Gold cardholders.

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You will receive an SMS confirmation once your account is opened.​


FeaturesDescriptionHow to availCategory
Loyalty RewardsEarn 0.5% Reward Points on card transactions done at merchant outlets / Online*Use your card at merchant outlets
and Online shopping/payment portals.
Login to NBO Mobile App to check
and redeem your rewards Points
Loyalty / Rewards
Medical & Travel AssistantMedical & Travel Assistance
* Your Visa card provides you with International Medical & Travel Assistance Service provided by International SOS.
* This provides you with 24/7 complimentary services including medical advice and travel advice available to you before you travel and while you are travelling.
* Before you leave home make sure you save the number
for International SOS in your contacts for emergency calls.
For full details on this service please click here
or call +971 (4) 253 6024 
​Travel & Hotels
Agoda.comEnjoy 12% Discount on Agoda.comFor more information, please click here
 and at point of payment,
input their eligible Visa card to receive the discount
Booking.comEnjoy up to 10% Cash-back on Booking.comOffer can be redeemed via here
IHG hotels & resortsEnjoy up to 15% Discount at IHG hotels & resortsFor more information, please click here
Jumeirah hotelsEnjoy up-to 25% Discount at Jumeirah hotelsCustomers must book here
Avis Car RentalEnjoy up-to 35% Discount on Avis Car RentalFor more information, please click hereCar Rentals
Budget Card RentalEnjoy 10% Discount on Budget Card RentalFor more information, please click here
Rentalcars.comEnjoy 10% Discount on Rentalcars.comFor more information, please click here

  • Omani nationals or residents with a valid resident card and visa
  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • Minimum monthly salary of OMR 500
  • Meets NBO’s credit card policy requirements.

To complete the application process, please visit a National Bank of Oman branch near you with the documents requested below and the rest will be taken care of by your Relationship Manager at the bank.

New Application against Salary (SAL)
  • Application Form
  • Most Recent Salary Certificate
  • Copy of ID (Omani)
  • Copy of Passport/ ID/ Visa copy (expatriate)
  • Salary assignment letter (issued in the last 2 Months)
New Application against Deposit (DEP)
  • Application Form
  • Copy of ID (Omani)
  • Copy of Passport/ ID/ Visa copy (expatriate)
  • Debit Authority Letter
Limit Enhancement
  • Request Memo
  • Customer Request letter
  • Copy of ID (Omani)
  • Copy of Passport/ ID/ Visa copy (expatriate)
  • Most Recent Salary Certificate
Upgrade and Downgrade
  • Copy of ID (Omani)
  • Copy of Passport/ ID/ Visa copy (expatriate)
  • Customer Request Memo
  • Convert letter.
  • Salary certificate in case of (Upgrade Only)
Renewal of Expired Card
  • Request letter (Select Renewal Request)
  • Customer Request letter
  • Copy of ID (Omani)
  • Copy of Passport/ ID/ Visa copy (expatriate)


For more information about our rates and charges, refer to the Schedule of Charges.

For further details on insurance cover, refer to the Insurance Terms & Conditions.

For comprehensive information on the National Bank of Oman Gold Credit Card, refer to the Card General Terms & Conditions

Card TypeVisa InfiniteVisa SignatureVisa PlatinumVisa Gold
Annual fee
Primary Card
OMR 84OMR 47.25OMR 31.5OMR 10.5
Annual fee Supplementary CardOMR 63OMR 26.25OMR 15.75OMR 5.25

1. ​Where can I use my National Bank of Oman Credit Card?

​​Your National Bank of Oman Credit Card can be used anywhere in Oman and internationally, for purchase of goods and services at establishments that display the logo featured on your credit card (eg: Switch, Visa Electron, MasterCard, etc). This includes hotels, restaurants, travel agents, stores and much more.​​

2. Is there any charge on using my credit card at merchant establishments?

​No, there is no charge for using your National Bank of Oman Credit Card at merchant establishments. Merchants cannot ask you to pay more than the bill amount for using your credit card.​​

3. Is there any fee for withdrawing cash?

​Yes, every time you draw cash, a cash advance fee of 3% of the amount withdrawn - subject to a minimum of OMR 2,500 per transaction - will be charged to your account. You will receive the full amount withdrawn from the ATM. This cash withdrawal fee will be debited from your account immediately and will appear on your credit card statement.​​

4. Why am I unable to withdraw cash on some occasions?

​​Your cash advance is limited to 100% of your credit limit. If you have already used this limit, further cash advances are not possible until you repay the amount.​

5. How is the balance determined?

​​The total outstanding balance appears as the ‘current balance’ on your credit card statement. To determine the ‘current balance’, we add any purchases and cash advances, and subtract payments or credits from the ‘previous balance’. We then add appropriate finance charges and fees.​

6. How much should I repay every month?

​You need to repay the ‘minimum payment due’, which is equivalent to 5% of the ‘current balance’, and any amounts that are past due or are in excess of your credit limit. However, you have the option to pay any amount above the required minimum amount. If this amount is less than OMR 5 then the ‘minimum amount due’ appearing on your statement will be the ‘current balance’.​







Visa Signature Credit Card

Visa Signature Credit Card

Enjoy the power and privilege of a Visa Signature credit card from the National Bank of Oman. Benefit from unparalleled spending power and convenience every step of the way. ​

Takaful Motor Plan

Takaful Motor Plan

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