​Are you planning your next holiday? Enjoy peace of mind while traveling with the National Bank of Oman Gold Credit Card. Our internationally recognised card offers a wide of range of benefits from 24/7 access to cash to flexible payment terms. Whether you’re checking into a hotel, renting a car or paying for tickets for a long-planned trip, our Gold Credit Card is your ultimate travel companion.

For more information about our rates and charges, refer to the Schedule of Charges​.

For further details about the National Bank of Oman Gold Credit Card, refer to the card General Terms & Conditions​​.

Credit Shield

All credit card holders are automatically covered at inception of coverage and upon signing as a new credit card holder. Coverage for first three months will be free of charge and thereafter will be billed to their credit card account by National Bank of Oman.*

Covers the following:

  • Death
  • Critical Illness: stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, coronary artery bypass surgery cancer, MS and major organs transplant
  • Permanent disability for own occupation
  • Terminal illness including cancer

If the customer opts to unregister from the service he cannot go back to the program after unregistering.

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For comprehensive information on the National Bank of Oman Credit Card, refer to the Card General Terms & Condition

1. ​Where can I use my National Bank of Oman Credit Card?

​​Your National Bank of Oman Credit Card can be used anywhere in Oman and internationally, for purchase of goods and services at establishments that display the logo featured on your credit card (eg: Switch, Visa Electron, MasterCard, etc). This includes hotels, restaurants, travel agents, stores and much more.​​

2. Is there any charge on using my credit card at merchant establishments?

​No, there is no charge for using your National Bank of Oman Credit Card at merchant establishments. Merchants cannot ask you to pay more than the bill amount for using your credit card.​​

3. Is there any fee for withdrawing cash?

​Yes, every time you draw cash, a cash advance fee of 3% of the amount withdrawn - subject to a minimum of OMR 2,500 per transaction - will be charged to your account. You will receive the full amount withdrawn from the ATM. This cash withdrawal fee will be debited from your account immediately and will appear on your credit card statement.​​

4. Why am I unable to withdraw cash on some occasions?

​​Your cash advance is limited to 100% of your credit limit. If you have already used this limit, further cash advances are not possible until you repay the amount.​

5. How is the balance determined?

​​The total outstanding balance appears as the ‘current balance’ on your credit card statement. To determine the ‘current balance’, we add any purchases and cash advances, and subtract payments or credits from the ‘previous balance’. We then add appropriate finance charges and fees.​

6. How much should I repay every month?

​You need to repay the ‘minimum payment due’, which is equivalent to 5% of the ‘current balance’, and any amounts that are past due or are in excess of your credit limit. However, you have the option to pay any amount above the required minimum amount. If this amount is less than OMR 5 then the ‘minimum amount due’ appearing on your statement will be the ‘current balance’.​







Mastercard Titanium Credit Card

Mastercard Titanium Credit Card

Access a range of benefits & lifestyle features such as unlimited airport lounge access & Mastercard Buy 1 Get 1 app.

Takaful Motor Plan

Takaful Motor Plan

Your car is your prized possession. It helps you work, travel and see friends. Most importantly, it keeps your family safe. That’s why a comprehensive Takaful policy that covers not just your vehicle, but all its passengers too, is crucial. And it’s why, in partnership with Takaful Oman, we’ve launched Takaful Motor Plan, the hassle-free way to know that your car is fully covered.