At National Bank of Oman, we understand the significance of your financial journey. Whether you are a student aged 18 to 25, gearing up for your graduate degree, or a young saver aged 13 to 17, we have tailored solutions for you. Our Youth Accounts are designed to help you secure your financial future while learning valuable life lessons along the way.


1. Young Savers (Ages 13-17): Kickstart Your Financial Journey

We believe it's never too early to start saving. Our Youth Savings Account is tailored for young savers aged 13 to 17, making the first steps in banking an exciting learning experience. Here's what this account offers:

  • Early Savings: Encourage your youth to start saving from a young age, setting the foundation for a secure financial future.
  • Debit Card Access: Our Youth Savings Account also provides a Debit Card for a convenient and hands-on introduction to banking.
  • Financial Education: Equip your youth with essential financial skills like saving, budgeting, and wise spending that will last a lifetime.
  • Safety & Security: Mobile banking access for both the parents and the young saver ​

2. Aspiring Graduates (Ages 18-25): Your Path to Financial Independence

Are you a student with big dreams? National Bank of Oman is here to support you every step of the way. Our Youth Banking Account is the ideal choice for students aged 18 to 25, empowering you to take control of your finances as you pursue your graduate degree. Here is what you can expect:

  • Easy Account Setup: Opening your first bank account has never been easier digitally or at your nearest branch.
  • Savings Made Simple: A dedicated solution to help you reach your savings goals and secure your future.
  • Financial Responsibility: Experience the world of banking with your very own Debit Card. It's a fantastic way to learn financial responsibility early on.
  • Safety & Security: Mobile banking access for yourself.

Please find that we have designed the Key Fact Statement​​ that summarizes the main characteristics of the product. It is brief and limited to critical information that will support your understanding of the product.​​

You will receive an SMS confirmation once your account is opened.


  • ​Available for both Omanis and expatriates
  • Young savers (Ages 13-17)
  • Aspiring graduates (Ages 18-25)

​13-17 Year Olds
​18-25 Year Olds
  • Debit Card: Exclusive card with parental spending controls.
  • Easy Transfers: Quick transfers via the NBO App at just 200 baiza per transfer.
  • No Minimum Balance Charges
  • 600 Welcome Rewards Points
  • Local Merchant Discounts: Exclusive deals.
  • Digital Services: Access e-commerce, transfers, mobile banking (for parents and young saver), and ATM cash withdrawals.

  • ​Debit Card: Exclusive card with no parental controls.
  • Easy Transfers: Quick transfers via the NBO App at just 200 baiza per transfer.
  • No Minimum Balance Charges
  • 500 Welcome Rewards Points
  • Three free cash withdrawals monthly from any non-NBO ATM's.
  • Local Merchant Discounts: Exclusive offers.
  • Digital Services: Access e-commerce, transfers, bill payments, mobile banking, and ATM withdrawals.​

To complete the account opening process, you can either open an account digitally or visit a National Bank of Oman branch near you. If you are under 18, please ensure your parents or guardian accompany you. The rest will be taken care of by your Relationship Manager at the bank.

Required Documents:

  • Youth National ID or passport
  • Parent's or guardian ID for Omanis, or parent's or guardian ID with a valid visa for non-Omanis for individuals under 18

1.      The following terms and conditions shall apply to Youth banking Account in addition to the general terms and conditions applicable to accounts held with National Bank of Oman.

  • Youth Banking Account is offered to all Omani and expatriate individuals between the age of 13 and 17 years.
  • It is a non-interest-bearing account.

2.      Youth banking Account can be opened with no minimum initial deposit.

3.      The account can be maintained in Omani Rials, UAE Dirhams or US Dollars (normal exchange and handling charges will apply where an account holder requests the Bank to repay a deposit in a currency other than that in which the account has been maintained).

4.      No minimum balance charges will apply.

5.       Debit Card and free access to all e-Banking services available.

6.      All eligible Youth banking Account holders will be offered a Debit Card, with no annual charges for the first year.

7.      The Bank reserves the right to offset any balances in any of the customers' accounts against any liabilities of the customers to the Bank whether such liabilities are contingent, primary, collateral, joint or several.

8.      The Bank shall be entitled to make amendments to these conditions as it may deem appropriate by giving 30 days' prior notice. Such amendments shall be binding on all account holders whether notice thereof is given individually or by way of general notices in the Bank's branches or the Bank's advertisements.

9.      Youth banking Account will be automatically rendered inactive once the account holder reaches the age of 18 years. The customer must visit the branch to convert the account to the Youth Savings Account.​

​13-17 Year Olds
​18-25 Year Olds

​1. What is my Debit Card limit?

Your exclusively designed youth Debit Card has default limits: OMR 50 per transaction/daily and OMR 200 monthly.
The guardian can choose to change the limits to: OMR 300 per transaction/daily and OMR 1000 monthly or OMR 750 per transaction/daily and OMR 2000 monthly. Please note that transaction limits include POS, E-commerce, ATM withdrawals, and local transfers combined.

2. What are the documents needed to open a Youth Savings Account?

For Omanis: National ID or Passport
For Non-Omanis: National ID or Passport and parent's or guardian ID with a valid visa for those under 18.

3. Will I receive transaction-related SMS notifications, or will my guardian?

Transaction authentication OTP will be sent only to the guardian unless authorized by the guardian for the minor youth.

4. Can I access my children's account using mobile banking?

Fathers/guardians with NBO accounts have full access to their children's accounts in Mobile Banking.

5. What is the youngest age to have a Youth Account?

Oman residents must be 18 years old to open their accounts. A Youth Account can be opened by the parent or guardian for individuals aged 13 and above.

6. Can I access my account using mobile banking?

Father/Guardian that have NBO account have full access to their teen (below 18 years) accounts in Mobile Banking.

7. What will happen to my account after I turn 18 years old?

A: Once you turn 18, you need to update your National ID details and upgrade the account to a Youth account to avail all the benefits of NBO Youth account.

1. What is Youth Banking Account?

The Youth Banking Account is a non-interest-bearing student bank account designed for aspiring gradua​tes aged 18-25. It's offered to all eligible Omanis and expatriates, helping them achieve their higher education and career objectives with unique discounts.

2. What benefits does the Youth Banking Account carry with it?
Customized Debit Card: An exclusive debit card designed for you.
No Minimum Balance Charges: No fees for maintaining your dedicated account.
Easy Transfers: Quick transfers for just 200 baiza per transfer.
Welcome Rewards Points: Sign up and receive 600 free points.
Local Merchant Discounts: Access exclusive offers.
Digital Services: Utilize e-commerce, local transfers, bill payments, mobile banking for yourself, and convenient ATM cash withdrawals.
3. Who can open a Youth Banking Account?
All Omani nationals and expatriates aged 18-25.
4. What documents are required to open a Youth Banking Account?
If you are Omani: National ID Card.
If you are an expatriate: Residence ID Card and a copy of a valid passport.
If you are a full-time student (Omani/expat): A copy of your college/university ID card.
5. Can I open Youth Banking Account in a currency other than Omani Rials?
Yes, you can open the account in Omani Rials, UAE Dirhams, and US Dollars.​




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Visa Classic Debit Card

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