As your primary form of transport, you want to be sure that your car’s insurance is not only comprehensive and affordable but also hassle-free. National Bank of Oman has tied up with AXA Insurance Gulf B.S.C. for Himayati Motor Insurance, which offers one of the highest levels of motor insurance in the region, as well as a 24/7 helpline and an easy claims process. 

Designed with your needs in mind, Himayati Motor Insurance includes two main plans - Motor Perfect and Motor Executive to ensure your safety on the road. What’s more, our Sadara customers receive exclusive benefits including increased personal accident cover, upgraded car hires and off road cover. 

​Benefits​Motor Perfect​Motor Executive
​ ​​Standard Cover
Accident, collision, overturn, fire, explosion, self-ignition or lightning.

Flood, storm, tempest, cyclone, burglary, theft or malicious act.

Third party property damage

​OMR 200,000OMR 250,000
​Third party bodily injury​Unimited​Unimited
​First aid​OMR 400
​Medical expensesOMR 10,000OMR 10,000
​Personal accident (based on vehicle seating capacity)​OMR 10,000OMR 10,000
​​ ​ ​Extended Cover
​Agency repair*Covered - up to 2 years Covered - up to 5 years
Nil depreciation on spare parts (partial loss)*

​Covered - up to 2 years ​Covered - up to 5 years
​New car replacement (total loss)Covered - first 12 months​​Covered - first 12 months
​"UAE cover (own damage and third party)(OMR 2 charged for Orange card)​Covered​Covered
Windscreen damage/excess waiver (limit)

​Covered - up to OMR 200 ​Covered
​Replacement of windscreen at agency only*Covered - up to 2 years Covered - up to 5 years
Riot, strike and civil commotion​​Covered​Covered
​Other calamities (earthquake, cyclone, tornado, etc.)Covered
​Family members as third partyCovered​​Covered
​Loading and unloading​Covered​Covered
​Replacement locks​Covered - up to OMR 250​Covered
​Motor trade and valet parking​Covered​Covered
​Personal belongings​Covered - up to OMR 100 ​Covered - up to OMR 200
​Guaranteed repairs (12 months)​Covered
​Accident and breakdown recoveryOptional​​Covered
​Vehicle towing service without limit of distance​Covered​Covered
​Protected 'no claim discount'​Optional​Covered
​Cover for damage to insured property outside the vehicle​Optional​Covered
​GCC cover for vehicle (own) damageOptional​​​Covered
Optional Covers ​​​
​GCC cover for third party (except Saudi Arabia)​OptionalOptional
​Alternative vehicle during repair periodOptionalOptional
​Cash compensation when vehicle under repairOptionalOptional
​Automatic renewal if there is no claimOptionalOptional
​Nil excess​OptionalOptional

*The 2 and 5 year periods mentioned above are from the date of registration of a brand new vehicle.

Please note that is only a summary of information. For full details on terms, coverage, conditions and exclusions, please refer to the AXA Motor Policy contract. ​

​Third party coverage
  • ​AXA is able to provide only third party cover if required. 


Himayati Motor Insurance is available to all Omani citizens and expatriate residents, based on the below terms:
  • National Bank of Oman customers who own cars.
  • The car must be registered in Oman to a citizen or legal resident. 
  • Insurance is available to private individuals purchasing new or used vehicles including taxis, taxi buses, driving school vehicles, etc. 
  • Insurance coverage is also extended to company - registered vehicles for social, commercial and domestic use.
  • This tariff is only valid for sedans, four-wheel drives and high performance vehicles for private use. A separate tariff will apply for other vehicle types such as commercial vehicles, taxis, rent-a-cars, motorcycles, driving school vehicles, etc.
  • The policyholder must be at least 25 years old with a minimum of two years driving experience (this applies to driving licenses issued in Oman or abroad).
  • A ‘no claims discount’ rate is applied when a certificate from a local insurer or reputed international insurance company is provided. Self-declarations, broker or private company letters may not be accepted.
  • Excess: as per new Motor Law in place from 01/09/2012.
To complete the Himayati Motor Insurance process, please visit a National Bank of Oman branch near you, with the below documents and the rest will be taken care of by your Relationship Manager at the bank:
  • Proof of identity (national identity card for Omanis/resident card for expatriates).
  • Copy of a valid driving license.
  • Copy of a valid registration card.
  • Copy of ‘no claim discount’ letter (if any).
  • Completed Motor Insurance application form.
Pricing strategy is based on providing customised premium per individual depending on a wide variety of parameters such as, insurer age, driving license, vehicle value, vehicle type, etc.

1. What are the criteria to purchase a Himayati Motor Insurance Policy?

  • Our motor insurance policies offer a wide range of cover as per the below:
  • National Bank of Oman customers who own cars.
  • The car must be registered in Oman to a citizen or legal resident. 
  • Insurance is available to private individuals purchasing new or used vehicles including taxis, taxi buses, driving school vehicles, etc. 
  • Insurance coverage is also extended to company-registered vehicles for social, commercial and domestic use.

2. What are the documents I need to insure my vehicle?

  • Completed motor application form.
  • ID card copy.
  • Valid driving license copy. 
  • Valid car registration copy for used cars.
  • Invoice copy from dealer for new cars. 
  • Premium payment as agreed.
  • ‘No claim discount’ letter (if any).

3. How do you calculate my insurance premium?

Insurance premium is calculated based on a number of key factors,including the age of the driver,length of driving experience,claims history,location,vehicle value and vehicle type,among others.​​

4. As a National Bank of Oman Sadara customer, do I receive any additional benefits?

Yes, AXA offers our Sadara customers three exclusive benefits over and above their standard motor insurance policy features:
  • Personal accident cover increased to OMR 20,000.
  • Upgraded free rental car for seven days in case of a claim.
  • Off road cover for four-wheel drive vehicles.

5. Why can’t the insurance and registration be in two different names?

The policyholder should be the registered owner and primary driver of the car with a financial interest in the vehicle. The traffic department will only register a vehicle in the name of the policyholder stated on the insurance certificate.​​​​

6. Why can't the insurance be transferred when the vehicle is sold?

As insurance premium is affected by the profile of the driver, it isn’t possible to transfer motor insurance from one owner to another. The existing policy must be cancelled and the new owner will be issued a fresh insurance policy that is required for registration purposes.​​​

7. How does AXA’s motor insurance differ from other insurance companies?

Along with the security and service standards of a large international operation, AXA provides one of the highest levels of motor protection in the Middle East, including 24-hour accident recovery and guaranteed repairs among other benefits.​​​

8. Can I choose the garage for my vehicle repairs?

If you have opted for agency repairs in your policy, then your vehicle will be repaired at the main authorized dealership. Otherwise AXA will select one of its authorized repairers based on the vehicle type, nature of damage and availability.​​​​​

9. How do I make an insurance claim?

AXA's contact numbers for claims/enquiries are as follows:​ 
Phone – 24400100 ​
Fax – 24400159 
Timing: 8am to 5pm (Sunday to Thursday)

10. What are the criteria for the Motor Executive Insurance cover?

You can enjoy the benefits of Motor Executive Insurance if you have a ‘no claim discount’ letter for three or more years.​​​

11. Does this policy cover riots, strikes and civil commotion?

Yes it does.​​​

12. Does this policy cover sports cars?


13. Can I apply for Himayati Motor Insurance through National Bank of Oman’s Internet Banking portal?

Not at the moment. You can only apply through your nearest National Bank of Oman branch in the Sultanate. ​​

14. When I can get my insurance policy and Royal Oman Police (ROP) form issued?

The ROP form and the insurance policy number will be issued immediately by the branch at which you apply, upon payment of the premium. You can collect the policy documents at a later time from the bank branch of AXA office. ​​​

15. What is the policy period?

A motor insurance policy is valid for a period of one year and has to be renewed before the due date.​​



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