Safety and security are a priority when you have a family and dependants, but traditional insurance schemes require extensive paperwork and tests before your policy is approved. That’s why, at National Bank of Oman, we’ve created Himayati Life Insurance, a pure term life insurance product that is easy to set up and even simpler to maintain. 

Himayati Life Insurance is underwritten by AXA Insurance Gulf B.S.C., one of the largest insurance companies in the world. With you in mind, we’ve created Himayati Life Insurance to be accessible to all National Bank of Oman customers. The scheme offers two plans - Basic and Premium; both insurance plans offer comprehensive protection, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the world over.

Please find that we have designed the Key Fact Statement​​ that summarizes the main characteristics of the product. It is brief and limited to critical information that will support your understanding of the product.​​

You will receive an SMS confirmation once your account is opened.

​​​Benefits​Sum Assured (OMR)​Sum Assured (OMR)
​​Life Protector Plan​Basic Plan​Premium Plan
​Natural Death​5,000​10,000
​Accidental Death​10,000​20,000
​Accidental Permanent Total Disability​10,000​20,000
Critical Illness Plan

5,000​ ​
​A. Critical Illness **​5,000
​B. Hospital Cash Benefit (For maximum 30 days)​​50 per day​​50 per day
​Comprehensive Plan​​Life Protector Basic Plan + Critical Illness Plan​​Life Protector Premium Plan + Critical Illness Plan


Himayati Life Insurance cover is available to all existing National Bank of Oman customers between the ages of 18 and 65 years and their spouses.

There is a maximum limit of one Himayati Life Insurance policy per customer. In the event that, at the time of claim, you have more than one policy, then all other policies will be deemed null and void, and the corresponding premiums will be returned to the customer.

​Fill and sign the insurance application form, and hand it over to the staff at the nearest branch.

Customers must retain the customer copy (i.e. the last page and the terms and conditions).

Alternatively you can apply online through our Internet banking.​​

Basic Plan​

​Life Protector Plan​Critical Illness Plan​Comprehensive Protector Plan
​Premium (OMR)​Self​Self+SpouseSelf​Self+Spouse​Self​Self+Spouse​

Premium Plan​

​Life Protector Plan​​​Critical Illness Plan​Comprehensive Protector Plan
Premium (OMR)​Self​​​Self+Spouse​Self​​Self+SpouseSelf​​Self+Spouse​

1. What is Himayati Life Insurance?

Himayati is a pure term life insurance plan with an option to cover critical illnesses.​​​

2. Who can be covered in this plan?

This plan is exclusively for National Bank of Oman customers between the ages of 18 and 65 years​.

3. Is Himayati Life Insurance compulsory for National Bank of Oman customers?

No, Himayati is a voluntary insurance plan; your can choose to buy the insurance plan.​​

4. What are the benefits of Himayati Life Insurance?

Himayati Life Insurance affords a number of benefits including:
  • Standard premiums regardless of age. 
  • Automatic renewals.
  • Monthly / Annual premium payment options.
  • No medical check-ups and no medical questionnaires required.
  • Provision for spousal coverage for 100% of the sum assured.
  • Hospital cash benefit for 8 critical illnesses. 
  • Cover in the event of blindness.
  • Himayati Life Insurance is underwritten by a recognised, renowned insurance company - AXA Insurance Gulf B.S.C.

5. Is Himayati Life Insurance cover applicable worldwide?

​Yes, the coverage applies round-the-clock, wherever you are in the world, provided your insurance premiums are paid and up-to-date.​​

6. What if I already have an insurance plan or I am already covered with other banks/ insurance company?

​Himayati Life Insurance provides insurance cover irrespective of any other policy you might have. Other insurance policies will not affect any claims under this plan.​​

7. Can I make a claim for the Hospital Cash Benefit for hospitalisation of any type of illness?

The Hospital Cash Benefit only covers hospitalisation on account of the eight critical illnesses defined in the policy.​​​

8. Do I need to undergo any medical tests in order to buy the critical illness protector plan?

​There is no need to undergo any medical tests or fill in any medical questionnaires for any Himayati plan, including the Critical Illness Protector Plan.​​

9. Is there a waiting period to make valid claims against the Critical Illness Protector Plan?

​Yes, there is a waiting period of 120 days for the Critical Illness Protector Plan. Any claim pertaining to the 8 critical illnesses will not be paid if the same is detected within 120 days of taking the critical illness protector cover.​​

10. Are pre-existing conditions covered under this insurance plan?

No, pre-existing conditions are not covered under this insurance plan.​​

11. When does the insurance plan begin?

​The Insurance coverage begins just after the first insurance premium is debited from your account.​​

12. Does the policy have a review period or a free look period?

​Yes, there is a free look / review period of 30 days. Within that time, a customer can cancel the policy and get the full amount of the paid-up premium refunded.​​

13. How will I, as a customer, pay the premium?

The premium will be charged via direct debit from your National Bank of Oman account.

14. What if I do not have enough money in my account or if my premium payment is delayed for any reason?

There is a 31-day grace period from the due date of the premium. You will remain covered during this grace period. We will check your account on a daily basis during this period to debit the premium.​​

15. If I do not want the policy anymore, can I cancel?

You can cancel the policy at any point of time with a cancellation letter addressed to the bank.

16. What if I cancel the plan within the review period?

If you cancel the policy with in the review period of 30 days, the entire paid-up premium amount will be refunded to you.​​​​

17. What if I cancel after the review period of 30 days?

In the event that you have a monthly plan, the policy will sustain for 31 more days from the last premium payment due date, after which it will lapse automatically.
In the event that you have an annual plan, the refund of the premium will be on percentage pro-rata basis. However, if your next premium is due, then the policy will sustain for 31 more days from the last premium payment due date, after which it will lapse automatically.​​

18. For how long do I need to pay the premium?

As a Himayati Life Insurance customer, you are required to pay the premium as long as you would like to keep the policy active.​​​

19. Can I rejoin the scheme if I have opted out before?

Yes, you may join the scheme again once you opt out. However, it is subject to prior approval by the insurance company.​

20. When will you debit the first amount?

The first debit will be done after signing the application form. However, if you want the debit to be done from another specified date, the same needs to be mentioned in the application form.​​

21. When will I receive the policy certificate?

​The certificate of insurance will be handed over to you at the National Bank of Oman Branch, after the first debit is processed.​​​​

22. How will my dependents or I make a claim against the policy?

The claimant has to contact a National Bank of Oman branch and submit the claim-related documents. We shall subsequently coordinate with the insurance company to get the claim processed.​​

23. What documents are required to make a claim?

In order to make a claim, you require the following documents:
(a) In case of Natural Death:
  •  Death Certificate stating the cause of death.
  •  Post-mortem report if it is legally required.
  •  Medical / Hospitalisation report.
  •  Clear copy of Passport or National Identity Certificate with visa page for the deceased.
  •  Any other document that the Insurance Company may deem necessary.

(b) In case of Accidental Death:
  •  Death Certificate stating the cause of death.
  •  Police report.
  •  Post-mortem report if it is legally required.
  •  Medical / Hospitalisation report.
  •  Clear copy of Passport or National Identity Certificate with visa page for the deceased.
  •  Any other document that the insurance company may deem necessary.

(c) In case of Accident / Permanent Total Disability:
  •  Disability Certificates from a medical practitioner or a medical board authorised to assess disability.
  •  Police report (if disability is due to an accident).
  •  Medical report from an authorized medical practitioner with detailed diagnosis, including causes of disability and details of treatment given  (if any).
  •  Any other document that the insurance company may deem necessary.

24. How will the claim proceeds be paid? Do I need to nominate a beneficiary?

The proceeds of the claim will be paid into your National Bank of Oman account in case of any claim under the Critical Illness Protector Plan; claim proceeds will be paid to the beneficiary in case of any claim under the Life Protector Plan. In case of any litigation, the beneficiary/ies as designated by the court will get the total amount in the National Bank of Oman account.​​

25. What happens if I travel abroad?

Your Himayati Life Insurance plan is effective worldwide and will continue to be serviced, provided premiums are paid on time.​​

26. If I close my National bank of Oman account, can I directly continue the coverage with the insurance company?

Himayati is an exclusive scheme for National of Bank Oman customers,and is applicable as long as you have an account with us.You cannot get the same plan directly from the insurance company.​​

27. Are there any financial charges on the subscription amount?

No, there are no financial charges over and above the subscription amount.​​

28. If my spouse and I were to die in the same accident, how much will the insurance company pay?

The insurance company will pay each Principal Sum Insured amount that you have chosen for yourself and your wife.​​​

29. To whom will the benefits be paid in the event that my spouse and I die?

The benefits will be paid to the beneficiary named in the policy. In the event the beneficiary is the spouse, then the benefits will paid to the legal heirs of the Insured Person.​​

30. Are the daily medical expenses that I incur overseas for accidents that occur here (Oman) covered under the Daily Hospital Cash benefit?

If the stay in the hospital is due to one of the covered critical illnesses then the answer is yes. If the stay in the hospital is due to any other reason, then the answer is no regardless of where the accident occurred.​​

31. If I am a resident of Oman but my spouse is abroad and is not a resident, is she/he still covered?

Both insured parties must be residents in Oman. If the accident happens overseas, it will be covered, but the customer must prove that they are residents in Oman.​​

32. Will the Life Protector Plan cover me while I'm flying?

Yes, provided you are flying as a fare-paying passenger and not as a member of crew.​​




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