Call centre and Phone Banking

National Bank of Oman gives you banking the way you want it. Whether you bank online with our Internet Banking portal, speak to a Relationship Manager using Phone Banking, or use our bank branches, our goal is to always make your experience easy, convenient and pleasant.

Call Center and Phone Banking​

Customer service is at the very heart of all our services at National Bank of Oman. Our experienced call centre representatives are happy to help you with the following services:

Sadara Wealth Management
  • Features Inquiry 
  • Salary Card Status 
  • Salary Card Captured Inquiry 

  • Activation
  • Cancellation 
  • Blocking 
  • PIN Reset 

  • Activation
  • Cancellation
  • Blocking 
  • Shield Cancellation

Mobile banking
  • Registration 
  • Unblock User
  • Block User 
  • New User 
  • Complaint 

Internet Banking
  • Enquiries 
  • Registration 
  • Unblock User 
  • Block User

SMS Banking
  • Change Mobile Number 
  • Inquiry 
  • Features 
  • New User 
  • Discontinue Services 

General Inquiries
  • Balance
  • Scheme
  • Product Features
  • Card Status
  • Credit Card Statement
  • Card Outstanding
  • Credit Card Transactions Decline
  • Transactions
  • Account Hold Inquiry
  • Salary Inquiry 
  • Credit Card Due Date
  • Charges Inquiry 
  • Loans Instalment Inquiry
  • Interest Inquiry 
  • Insurance Inquiry 

IVR Service
  • IVR New Registration 
  • IVR Unblock T-PIN 
  • Reset T-PIN

Utility payment
  • Bill payment or Top-up 

  • Duplicated Amounts on Debit & Credit
  • Amounts Using POS/Online Purchse
  • ATM Withdraws

  • Receive and resolve customer complaints 

  • Product information
  • Report products and service related issues

Call Centre services are easy and quick. Call 24770000.