​Embark on the path to homeownership with NBO, as a partner in Oman Housing Bank's mission for Iskan Home Financing Program. NBO, is committed to contributing to urban growth and offering affordable housing finance.  the program aligns seamlessly with Oman Vision 2040, fostering holistic progress for the well-being of Omani citizens. We are dedicated to being a key player in Oman's development, providing crucial support for urban growth.

Our focus on citizens with limited to moderate incomes resonates with the government's mission to expand development across various governorates. With a strong emphasis on delivering services, we actively contribute to Oman's economic progress.


  • Open to all married Omani nationals
  • Salaried income: OMR 300 and above
  • Employer must be on NBO's approved list
  • No existing property ownership
  • Neither applicant nor spouse should have received social housing or government support
  • Financing up to OMR 60,000 or OMR 80,000 for endorsed neighborhoods endorsed by the Ministry of Housing & Urban Planning
  • Maximum repayment: 25 years
  • ​Income Categories:
  1. Below OMR 401: 1% p.a.
  2. OMR 401 to OMR 1000: 3% p.a.
  3. Above OMR 1000: 4% p.a.​

  • Initiate the application process through the Iskan platform www.Iskan.ohb.co.om
  • Complete electronic registration on the dedicated platform
  • Verify eligibility for financing with a simple five-step procedure
  • OHB uploads lists of eligible citizens on 'Iskan' based on application dates
  • Eligible individuals receive a text message with a direct link to the application process
  • Submit the application with NBO on the Iskan platform
  • NBO reviews your application and sends a financing offer (includes financing amount, monthly installment, fees, and duration)
  • Receive an SMS to review and accept the offer on the 'Iskan' platform
  • Review terms and conditions and make a decision
  • Once approved, visit the bank in person to complete remaining procedures
  • NBO will contact the applicant to sign the housing finance agreement for the 'Iskan' programme and agree to the terms and conditions therein
  • Receive an SMS of the disbursement of the financing amount

At the end of the transaction, the applicant will be asked to evaluate the process and provide feedback and suggestions to improve the services provided through the electronic platform