Cardless Cash Withdrawal service, a convenient and safe mode to withdraw cash 24x7, from NBO ATM. All you need is to log in to NBO Mobile App and initiate a Cardless Cash withdrawal transaction. You can withdraw cash from any NBO ATM, without any ATM Card, just by entering the Transaction Amount and Secret Code that will be sent to you by SMS on initiating the transaction.


Step 1: Requesting an amount & code from NBO app
  • Go to the Cardless Cash Withdrawal page from your NBO Mobile App
  • Enter the required amount in multiples of OMR 5.
  • Confirm the details displayed in pre-confirmation screen
  • You will receive an SMS with a unique secret code on your registered mobile number with NBO. The secret code will be valid for 2 hours 
Step 2: Cash withdrawal from an NBO ATM
  • Visit any NBO ATM, tap anywhere on the screen to get started
  • Enter the exact requested amount
  • Enter the secret code (as received in SMS)
The ATM will dispense your requsted amount of cash as long as the amount and secret code are entered correctly
  • Using this feature allows you to withdraw an amount of cash you specify from any NBO ATM by generating a secure code from the NBO mobile banking app that’s sent to you by SMS.
  • Never share the secure code with anyone to protect yourself from fraudsters withdrawing your cash.
  • Withdraw cash within 24 hours from receiving the secure code.
  • Requesting and generating a secure code is a transaction that cannot be canceled or reversed.
  • Once a secure code for a specified amount is generated, this will put the amount on hold for 24 hours. If the amount is not withdrawn from an NBO ATM within 24 hours, the amount will be held for 2 business days and released afterwards.