ATM Security

Automated Teller Machines (ATM) are installed at many centers across Oman for our customers. It is important to understand the usage of ATMs securely. Here are some tips to help make your ATM experience more secure:

  • Treat your ATM card like cash
  • For your security, we recommend that you change your ATM PIN regularly. You can change your pin instantly and easily at any National Bank of Oman ATM.
  • NEVER disclose your PIN to anyone
  • Be aware of strangers who offer to help you at an ATM, and be on the lookout for any suspicious activity, such as loitering, at or around the ATM area. If you see any such activity please report it to the bank immediately
  • Take your ATM receipt with you. Don’t leave it at or near the ATM
  • Do not give out any information about your ATM card over the telephone
  • Report a lost or stolen card at once.
  • Check your receipts against your monthly statement to guard against ATM fraud
  • Cancel your transaction immediately if you see anyone or anything suspicious​