If the unthinkable happens, would you and your family be financially secure? We are committed to giving you and your family the peace of mind provided by our 360 degree financial protection policy.

NBO has partnered with Vision Insurance to introduce “Himayati Flexi Life” exclusively for all NBO customers. You can have peace of mind that at any stage in life, Himayati Flexi-Life can protect you and your family financially. What’s more, its flexibility is every bit as important for business insurance as it is in protecting your family.

As a Whole Life protection policy, Himayati Flexi-Life can offer high levels of financial protection to the family members left behind. 


The Policy covers Death, Disabilities and Diseases. It offers you a range of Protection features to choose from, including:

  • Death Benefit up to USD 10 Million
  • Accidental Death Benefit up to USD 2.5 Million
  • Critical illness Benefit up to USD 540,000
  • Permanent and Total Disability Benefit up to USD 2 Million
  • Level Term Benefit for those known liabilities such as business loans and mortgages, etc.
  • Waiver of Premium Benefit in event of Death
  • Waiver of Premium Benefit in event of Permanent and Total Disability
  • Hospital Cash Benefit
  • Family Income Benefit in event of Death
  • Family Income Benefit in event of Permanent and Total Disability​

The above range of protection benefits is further enhanced through other benefits like:

  • Involuntary Loss of Employment Benefit
  • Long-term Care Benefit for support at an older age
  • Pilgrimage Benefit
  • Family Travel Cover
  • Second Opinion Benefit

​All NBO customers residing in Sultanate of Oman between the ages of 18 to 64 years are eligible for “Himayati Flexi Life”

​Please complete the Application Form and submit it to our staff at the nearest branch and they will guide you.

Visit our nearest branch or contact our Call Centre on 24770000 for further details on Fees and Charges.

Minimum Premium Amount ​ ​
Semi Annually3,0001,200

The Minimum Premium details are as mentioned below:
For Single Premium: USD 15,000 / OMR 5,000


​What is this Policy designed to do?

  • Pay a Lump Sum Amount to the beneficiaries of the life assured.
  • Provide a range of comprehensive Optional Benefits to protect against the financial impact of Death, Disability, Disease, Involuntary loss of Employment, etc.
  • Allows you to change the levels of protection and Optional benefits available.
  • Build Cash Value during the Policy Term. 

Is this policy right for me?

It may be right for you if:

  • You are looking for a unit-linked, whole of life protection Policy;
  • You require a Policy which offers life cover along with a number of Optional Benefits that can help protect against the financial impact of Death, Disability, Disease, Involuntary Loss of Employment, etc.
  • You want a protection Policy that can change as your circumstances change.
  • You want to build and leave a large legacy for your loved ones.

How long can the Policy last?

The Policy is a whole of life policy which will come to an end:

  • when the Life Assured passes away;
  • when the Policy is fully surrendered; or
  • If the Policy lapses.

What are the inbuilt benefits in this policy?

Death Benefit, Passive war risk, Family Travel Cover and Second Opinion Benefit.

Is there any Bonus in the policy?

Loyalty Bonus
Starting from the 10th Policy Anniversary after the Policy Commencement Date and each Policy Anniversary thereafter, a Loyalty Bonus will be added to the Fund Value calculated as percentage of the current Fund Value for the relevant Policy Anniversary.

Persistency Bonus
Persistency Bonus calculated as percentage of the Fund value would be added from the Policy Commencement Date and each month thereafter, for as long as the Policy is in force. 

Can I do Partial Withdrawals from the Policy?

Partial Withdrawals are allowed after completion of first 24 months from policies which have a positive cash value.

Will I be notified if there are any updates to the Policy?

You can keep up to date with the Policy details through Valuation report that will be sent to your registered email ID on every Policy anniversary.

Can I change the premium amount during the Policy term?

The premium amount can be increased, decreased or even terminated on a temporary basis; provided that the value of the policy remains sufficient to support the benefits.

What happens if I stopped paying the premium?

If the Premium payment is outstanding for a period of more than 90 days and the Policy has a positive Cash value, then the status of the Policy will change to Paid up; Under the Paid Up status, Policy will remain in-force for all the benefits as the charges will continue to be taken from the Cash Value of the Policy.

  • If the Policy has insufficient Cash value to cover the cost of insurance, an intimation letter will be sent to the Policy Owner.
  • If the Policy has not acquired a Cash Value, then the status of the Policy will be changed to Lapse with no benefits available.
  • If regular premiums are not paid during the minimum initial contribution period of the Policy term then the status of the Policy will change to Lapse with no benefits available.

​Visit our nearest branch or contact our Call Centre on 24770000 for further details.




Himayati My Health Plus

Himayati My Health Plus

A woman plays multiple roles in her daily life. From looking after her loved ones to making sure her home is well looked after, from giving her family and friends wholehearted support to giving her best at everything. To continue to play these roles to perfection, to take care of her loved ones, she needs to take care of herself. With this in mind, we at NBO in partnership with Takaful Oman have introduced "Himayati - My Health Plus" exclusively for all our NBO accountholders which offers a range of four plans to choose from, with flexibility to pay the premium monthly or annually.

Takaful Motor Plan

Takaful Motor Plan

Your car is your prized possession. It helps you work, travel and see friends. Most importantly, it keeps your family safe. That’s why a comprehensive Takaful policy that covers not just your vehicle, but all its passengers too, is crucial. And it’s why, in partnership with Takaful Oman, we’ve launched Takaful Motor Plan, the hassle-free way to know that your car is fully covered.