​Make your Loan experience easy and hassle-free by transferring your salary to us. We offer attractive interest rates on personal and housing loans for customers who transfer their salaries to our bank in addition to a host of other benefits. The package includes loan interest rates starting from 4.99% p.a., instant entry to Al Kanz monthly salary transfer draws worth OMR 500, and more!


​As a new customer, transfer your salary to NBO to benefit from an exclusive all-in-one bundle offer including 


Loan CardPlus any other product
Personal Loan
Housing Loan
Any NBO Credit Card
  1. Insurance Product 
  2. Systematic Investment Plan
  3. Badeel Prepaid Card


 Bundle Features

  • The rate of 4.99% on my loan
  • ONE free local funds transfer from Mobile banking
  • ONE free international funds transfer from Mobile banking
  • 400 additional bonus NUQATI points
  • Instant entry to Salary transfer Al Kanz draw

​Transfer your loans to NBO from your existing bank and instantly get special rate  of 4.99%*p.a 

*Valid for employees of select organizations

​You can also benefit from the limited time offer based on the below rates: :

Rates (p.a.)Personal Loan Housing Loan
Salary from OMR 3,5004.99%4.99%
Salary between OMR 1000-34995.25%5.25%
Salary less than OMR 1,0005.5%5.5%


  1. The credit card needs to be spend active within 90 days.
  2. Credit card limit should be a minimum one time salary ( against salary or deposit)
  3. The customer has an account with NBO but doesn't transfer salary will be treated as a new to bank customer.
  4. The loan is disbursed only after the bundle products have been approved.
  5. Banca Product to be sold on annual    premium.
  6. The products in the bundle have to be active for at least 12 months.
  7. All the products in the bundle have to be new to the customer.
  8. The local & International free transfers will be applicable from the following 10th of the month of the bundle disbursal and valid for 12 months.
  9. Nuqati points will be credited to the customer's Nuqati account within 60 days of the bundle disbursal provided that the customer's Nuqati account is active.





​NBO Nuqati is Oman’s first and only reward program that earns you Nuqati points for just doing your day to day banking. Nuqati points can be earned across a wide range of products and services such as spends on Cards, increase in Deposits, online transactions, Loans, and many more.

Al Kanz Account

Al Kanz Account

An Al Kanz Savings account ensures more winners across Oman. You can enter the draw by just saving OMR 100. In fact the more you save the more chances you get to win.