The most cost effective way of holding gold, offering you transparency, easy liquidity and convenience. 

NBO’s Sadara Membership gives you exclusive access to invest in gold. In addition to the host of benefits and rewards that your Sadara membership offers you, we are committed to making your journey towards financial success as easy as possible. Our team of dedicated Relationship Managers and experts will help you to manage, grow and structure your wealth, with a unique savings plan that includes the exclusive Sadara Gold Savings account, denominated in Troy ounces, to enhance your savings and balance your portfolio.

Please find that we have designed the Key Fact Statement​​ that summarizes the main characteristics of the product. It is brief and limited to critical information that will support your understanding of the product.​​

You will receive an SMS confirmation once your account is opened.


Your Sadara Gold Savings Account gives you access to exclusive investment opportunities and expert investment advisory services, all designed specifically for our Sadara customers.

As a Sadara Customer, you will have access to the Sadara Lounge at any of our centres. Priority banking is at its best in the Sadara Lounge, with total privacy and priority services.

Reserved Sadara parking at most of our bank branches ensures you’re given priority from the moment you arrive on our doorstep.

Being a Sadara customer, gives you access to a wide range of insurance and brokerage services and products, all of which have been designed to expand your portfolio and make it more profitable.  
​As a National Bank of Oman Sadara customer, you will have the ability to open a Sadara Gold Savings Account. A minimum investment of 10 Troy Ounces is required.​
To complete the account opening process, please visit a Sadara Centre near you, with your national ID Card/Passport and the rest will be taken care of by your Relationship Manager at the bank:

Required Documents
  1. National ID Card for Omanis / Valid passport and visa for expatriates.
​Your Relationship Ma​nager will help you complete the following forms:
  1. ​Account Opening Form
  2. Know Your Customer’ (KYC) Form, which is a standard international best practice requirement. It includes information about your financial planning goals.
  3. Specimen Signature (SS) card