The Fund Structure Open-ended Fund investing in GCC securities
Regulated byCapital Market​​ Authority, Sultanate of Oman
Fund ObjectivesGeneration of dividend income along with capital growth from an actively managed portfolio comprising of high dividend yield companies listed in GCC markets and with limited exposure to other equity and fixed income opportunities in the GCC region
Investment ManagerNational Bank of Oman SAOG
Fund CurrencyRial Omani (RO)
Subscription/Redemption Frequency Weekly
Minimum SubscriptionRO 2,000 for new subscriptions and RO 1,000 for subscriptions by existing Unitholders of the Fund
Maximum SubscriptionOpen
Valuation FrequencyAt the end of working day on Monday closing value of each week, published on the next working day.
Custodian Gulf Custody Company SAOC, Oman
Fund Administrator National Bank of Oman SAOG
AuditorPricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Legal Advisors SNR Denton
Eligible InvestorsThe Fund is open for investment to all individual, Institution, Omani and non-Omani investors.
Subscription FeeUp to 2%
Redemption Fee
  • 2%, if redeemed within 6 months of subscription.
  • 1% if redeemed within remaining 6 months period, in the first year of subscription.
Redemption fees will be retained by the Fund
Management Fees The investment manager is entitled to management fees of 1.1% per annum of the Net Assets of the Fund.
Performance FeesThe Investment Manager is entitled to a performance fee of 10% on any annual return exceeding 10%. The Investment Manager will not impose any performance fees if the Fund’s performance is 10% or below. Performance fees are calculated and payable at the end of the financial year.

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