Ways to Bank - NBO B2B Banking Portal

As your financial partner, National Bank of Oman is committed to simplifying your business process and making it easier for your company to be profitable. One of our initiatives to this end is NBO B2B - a secure and efficient fully integrated setup for the seamless and automated processing of customer transactions.

With real-time processing of payments and faster reconciliation of payments due to you, you can manage your company's finances conveniently and quickly from the comfort of your office.

With NBO B2B, you can easily process transactions, transfer money and make bill payments. The system allows you to perform virtually every type of payment necessary to the smooth operation of your business, including:

  • Transfers within your own accounts
  • Local third-party transfers
  • Telex transfer payments
  • Bulk transfers
  • Bulk direct debits
  • Payroll

For more information about NBO B2B and how to apply for the service, visit any National Bank of Oman branch ​​​or contact us at:
Transaction Banking Division, Contact: 24778030/ 24778040