Another first in Oman and the UAE. An exclusive service, designed to simplify cross-border banking transactions between Oman and the UAE.

Presenting Seamless Banking from NBO

A unique service that empowers you to access all your accounts across branches in Oman and the UAE for all your banking needs. With Seamless banking, you can run your business more productively and efficiently.

Key benefits:
  • Open an NBO account in Oman and the UAE simultaneously.
  • Monitor your accounts through a single-window system.
  • Access your funds from anywhere and anytime.
  • Deposit or withdraw funds across branches in Oman or the UAE.
  • Transfer funds in an instant between your Oman and UAE accounts (facility available from any branch in Oman and the UAE to compensate suppliers and receive payments).
  • Instant clearing of NBO cheques.
  • Quick clearance of Oman and UAE bank cheques at our branches in Oman and the UAE
  • Same day fund transfers between other banks in Oman and the UAE.
  • Competitive transaction fees while making payments, transferring or receiving funds across the countries.

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