National Bank of Oman's Transaction banking division plays an instrumental role in helping you manage your business – be it cash management, international payments, and trade finance. We understand corporates and financial institutions require a banking partner that can undertake these functions globally, holistically and seamlessly. National Bank of Oman offers best-in-class, tailor-made solutions for clients' transaction banking needs, helping to enable their success. The bank's innovative and market-leading solutions provide clients with the freedom and time to focus on their primary businesses. 
National Bank of Oman has in-depth knowledge of the Omani market, as well as placing state-of-the-art technologies at the disposal of its clients for their foreign trade needs and cash management requirements. Indeed, as one of the Sultanate's leading Transaction Banking Services providers, National Bank of Oman offers an end-to-end service to support clients' national and international Transaction Banking needs and reduce their overheads.

 Cash management Solutions

  • Business to Business solutions
  • Local and International funds transfer
  • Corporate Internet banking
  • Demand Draft
  • Cash Pooling

    Domestic Payments
  • Local bank cheques/Drafts/Cashier's order
  • Corporate Cheques
  • Direct Debits
  • Domestic bank transfers
  • Book Transfers

    Bulk Payments & Payroll
  • Payroll services
  • Bulk payment for local and international payments

    Collection Solutions

    Our highly efficient and proven collections solution allows Corporates to effectively manage their company's cash and provides an improved clearing cycle that would give more credit control. 

    Doorstep Banking

    Using this offering, corporates can outsource the activities of Cash/Cheques Pick-up and Delivery services to National Bank of Oman. We provide a wide range of coverage in terms of locations, and have tied up with specialized service providers, who will provide the service in a highly secure manner.

    Liquidity Management

    Maximize your interest returns and minimize overdraft charges by using our 'physical sweeping' service. This streamlines the transfer of balances to or from a designated account, and ensures any deficit balances are automatically covered by the surplus in your nominated account.

    We also have a comprehensive range of short and medium-term investments and treasury products that may be more suited to your requirements.

    In addition, you benefit from:
  • Cash pick-up, cheque pick-up, cash denomination exchange, and coin delivery-reducing the risk of cash and cheques being held overnight.
  • Courier pick-up and delivery service
  • Secure and timely online collection payments via direct debit
  • Point Of Sale (POS)