​​Corporate Internet Banking (CIB) is a secure, Internet-based customized service that is built based on the financial and transactional services that are most important to you and your company. Complete with the ability to delegate authority and restrict user's functions on the system, CIB is the ideal solution for managing your company's finances from the comfort of your own office.

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Some of the key product features and benefits are as follow:

Leading Security Features

CIB meets all the international standards for online banking security. To ensure that we offer the most secure platform on which to access your corporate accounts, we use the following security features:

  • RSA Secure ID tokens, which comply with very high security standards
 Industry standard 128-bit SSL encryption

  • Role-based security implementation

  • User ID and password encryption

  • Soft keypad for password capture

  • Password security policies

  • Furthermore, every transaction and credit is reported instantly with SMS reporting.

Workflow Automation

CIB allows you to replicate and automate the manual process that you currently use. The role assignment feature allows you to control employees' access to accounts and makes your finance department more operationally efficient and cost-effective.

Automated Transaction Advices

Every payment, whether to a supplier or employee, can be tracked and transaction advices can be downloaded, emailed or saved for bookkeeping purposes.

Enquiries Module

As a CIB user, you will have access to the Enquiries section of the portal. Here, you will be provided with and have access to all your account balances and complete transaction history on all of your company's accounts. You can download these as PDFs, Excel files or MT 940 files. In Enquiries, you can also conduct the following transactions:

  • Know your company's account balances in real-time. 

  • Manage group accounts - a group financial controller can control his/her sub companies' accounts 
from one place. 

  • Balance enquiries on all your trade finance accounts. 

  • View information pertinent to any Term Deposits your company may have.

  • Real-time access to daily exchange rates for major trading currencies as well as several other currencies.

  • Free statements for up to one year.

  • Reports of all transactions processed by users.

Transactions Module

Within this module, you can make any transactions, payments and transfers that you need to make.

  • Transfer funds between your company's accounts.

  • Third-party transfers can be made to suppliers and/or employees irrespective of the bank or where the beneficiary's accounts are domiciled. An SMS and email intimation confirming credit will be sent to the suppliers or employees irrespective of the bank where the beneficiary's accounts are domiciled.

  • Foreign Telex Transfers can be used to make payments to foreign suppliers irrespective of the bank or where the beneficiary's accounts are domiciled. The transfer advices can be downloaded and sent separately to suppliers as confirmation.

  • Utility bill payment, including water, electricity and telecommunications bills.

  • PASI bill payment – National Bank of Oman is the first bank to allow customers to pay their Omani employees' social security contributions through Corporate Internet Banking.

  • All bulk payments (local, foreign and within National Bank of Oman) can be effected through the bulk payment module in CIB. Payments to your suppliers and staff salaries are made easy when you use CIB. Just upload a file to the CIB platform; it is guided by a maker and checker approach and has the capability to set different authorization matrices as per your requirements.

  • Using CIB, you can set up direct debit arrangements with the bank to receive dues from those of your debtors who also maintain an account with National Bank of Oman.

  • Request your cheque books through the CIB system and specify the location from which you'd like to collect them. If you provide your mobile number, the system will automatically send you a message when the cheque books are ready for collection.

  • Wages Protection System (WPS). A comprehensive system for salary payments in the Sultanate links between local banks, CBO and Ministry of Manpower. Salary payments are now more convenience.

  • EIPO an easy and flexible payment module which will help corporate clients to pay for their shares brought from Muscat Clearing & Depository (MCD) website or purchase shares directly from their account with NBO.

  • Market Place (POS & Offers) 

For more information about Corporate Internet Banking (CIB) and how to apply for the service, visit any National Bank of Oman branch , or contact:

Transaction Banking Division, Contact: 

CIB & Cash Management
Mohammed Murad Mohammed
Phone: 24774330
Email ID:
Corporate Internet Banking
Phone: 24778080/ 24778263 




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