NBO Treasury is among the largest market makers in foreign exchange products. With a sizeable foreign exchange book, the bank caters for all foreign exchange needs of customers including remittances in 24 global currencies. NBO also makes the market for all cross currencies against RO for cash as well as forward deliveries. NBO Treasury specialize in offering swap products to hedge currency risk for customers and have been offering competitively priced RO funding through spot and swap markets to foreign investors who have been investing in Oman. The significant depth in the RO money market and a tremendous local investor franchise gives bank a pivotal position in Omani foreign exchange markets. NBO Treasury offers the following currency products:​
  • Currency notes
  • Spot foreign exchange
  • Foreign exchange swaps & outrights
  • Vanilla currency options
  • Barrier options and other bespoke derivative solutions 
  • Currency swaps
NBO offers round-the-clock currency vigils that include orders watching, market alerts and confirmation services. Equipped with ample warehousing capacity and keen execution skills, the foreign exchange desk can clear large orders at attractive prices.
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