As a leading bank with a rich history and leading reputation in the Trade Finance industry, we are constantly looking for ways to unlock opportunities across your business.

We play a key role in your growth story with  integrated financing solutions to support your working capital requirements, through our partnerships with local and regional multinationals, domestic corporate and institutional clients.

Our offer is enriched by expertise and commitment through a dedicated Trade Sales Team and Trade Operations Team that partner with you across your journey.

NBO’s Trade Finance capability extends across the below services:
  • ​Import Letters of Credit
  • Various types of Bank Guarantees
  • Standby Letter of Credit
  • Invoice discounting/ LC-backed Bills Discounting
  • Loans Against Trust Receipts
  • Export Letters of Credit Advising
  • Bill Avalisation[TS1] [IA2] 
  • Collection Documents - Inward
  • Collection Documents – Outward
  • Other customised solutions based on actual requirements

Online Trade Finance Portal:

To manage your Trade Finance requirements, explore our Online Trade Finance Portal designed for a seamless experience that grows efficiency:

  • View and Initiate trade transactions
  • Make real-time decisions with our transaction dashboard
  • Experience faster turnaround times
  • Process online transaction advices
  • Benefit from a dedicated helpdesk

For further clarifications and requirements please contact on:  

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

1.     How can I apply for NBO's Online Trade Portal?​

You can apply for Online trade portal by submitting the below documents.

  • Corporate Internet Banking Application Form
  • Company Request Letter for subscribing to the portal *
  • Standard Omnibus document.

 * For Existing CIB customers

**"The purpose of OMNIBUS document is to replace the existing counter indemnity forms under LG as well as the promissory note under LTR and bill discounting. Upon document signing, clients won't be required to submit a counter indemnity or a promissory note for future transactions. 


2.     Will my current outstanding balance/transactions be reflected on the online trade portal dashboard?

Yes. The Online Trade Portal dashboard will display the status of all your transactions including outstanding transactions. You can also download your outstanding in PDF or EXL format.


3.      Is there a support team?

Our dedicated support team can be approached via e-mail or via the phone on the below numbers 

Trade sales Desk:  +968-24774327/24778387

For any issues related to transactions initiated from the channel please send an e-mail to and


4.     Are there any additional charges to subscribe to the Online Trade Portal? 

Currently the portal is free-of-charge.


5.     What is required to add or delete users?

A request letter on the companies' letterhead duly signed and stamped by authorised signatories should be submitted to the respective branch or directly to our corporate helpdesk listing the users details you wish to delete or add.

6.     How can I access the portal?

The portal can be accessed from any Web browser via our Corporate Internet Banking Platform.


7.     Is the service available 24/7?

Corporate clients can initiate their transaction anytime. Transactions will be processed by our operations team either on the same day or the next working day during bank working hours of <8am to 2pm >.

8.      Can I create transactions templates? 

Yes, users can create their own Templates. Please click on the "Template" box under the respective transaction type and create your customised transaction template.