The bank’s primary focus has always remained on ‘Customer Care’. Engaging our customers has always been our priority. NBO Service Quality team believes that customer care is a never ending measure.

In keeping with the same, the bank is pleased to introduce a customer engagement scheme known as the “NBO Customer Consultant Award”, which allows customers to win an award for innovative ideas presented by them.

The bank will welcome, honest and positive feedback about the bank’s products and services, from customers; potential customers; and members of the public, that will further help improve the quality of our products and services, in aspects seen viable and important to the bank.

Customer ideas and recommendations will help us further develop and improve our products and services, as per customer requirements.

The “NBO Customer Consultant Award” program gives our customers the opportunity to become ‘NBO Consultants’, for our products and services, that they wish to proactively contribute towards, to make them more attractive and in – keeping with current market needs.

How can customers be eligible for the “NBO Customer Consultant Award”?

Simply by emailing their innovative ideas, suggestions or feedback, to: Service Quality Division (Retail Banking): ​servicequality@nbo.co.om

The evaluation process of the award will look into ideas and recommendations that are measurable - whether they actually add value to the bank’s business. Post evaluation, one winner will be announced on a monthly basis.

The winners of the “NBO Customer Consultant Award” will be rewarded and recognized by management. Winner names will also be announced in local newspapers to create further hype in the market.​​