​NBO understands that lack of collateral availability with  the SME should not be a constraining factor in availing finance. 

Under Contract Financing, NBO finances the SME in execution of the contracts received or execution of Purchase Orders received by the SMEs with only the Assignment of receivables with no additional collateral required. 

Other than Contract Financing, NBO on a case to case basis,finances businesses which have a stand out business model, high promoter involvement and strong repayment capability on a Collateral Free basis.

  • No Collateral

  • Purchase Order FIinance

  • Bill Discounting

  • Letter Of Credit

  • Guarantees

  • Overdraft​


Who can apply for Tijarati Loan facilities?

Any company registered in Oman and having completed 2 years in business can apply for Tijarati Loan Facilities​

What documents are required for Availing Tijarati Loan facilities?

  • Company ID documents
  • Owner(s) ID documents
  • Last 6 months bank statement
  • Request Letter
  • Completed Application form
  • Any other documents as advised by the Tijarati RM​

What is the maximum loan amount NBO extends under Tijarati banking to SMEs?

This varies from case to case. Currently NBO extends financial support upto RO 500,000 to SMEs under Tijarati Banking, subject to applicable and prevailing terms & conditions.​

What is the maximum tenor of the loan an SME can apply for?

This varies from case to case. NBO extends loans to SMEs of tenors upto a maximum of 6 years, subject to applicable terms & conditions.​

Do I need to open an operating account with NBO for availing Tijarati Loan Facilities?

Yes. The SME has to open the main operating account with NBO for availing the loan facilities.​

Are there any fees or charges to be paid for processing of loans?

Yes. There is a processing fee, as applicable on all applications.

Can partial repayments be done?


Are you eligible?

At National Bank of Oman, we believe that financing solutions should be made simple for all business. The following businesses are eligible to apply for business loans.

  • Business entities registered in Oman with a valid certificate of registration.
  • A proprietorship, establishment, partnership, limited liability company (LLC) or self-employed professional.
  • The business must be established for a minimum period of two years.​



Program Lending

Program Lending

With the long history of dealing with the SME segment, NBO understands the constraints SME face in availing finance.

SME Current Accounts

SME Current Accounts

​To help your business grow and prosper, you need a banking partner that understands your business needs as an SME.​