​While you want the best insurance for yourself and your family, you also want a policy that is quick, easy and convenient to set up. We understand that your time is precious; that’s why we give you the chance to get your home or life insurance online via our Int​ernet Banking portal.​​

Now, no matter where you are in the world, you are just a few clicks away from getting insurance cover that shields you and your loved ones.


​Whether you’re Omani or an expatriate, if you are a National Bank of Oman customer, you are eligible to apply for any Himayati Life Insurance or Himayati Home Insurance Plan via our Internet Banking portal, provided you are registered for Internet Banking.


If you are an existing National Bank of Oman customer, you can request any of the Himayati Life and Home Insurance plans online by logging on to your account through National Bank of Oman Internet Banking.

If you are an existing National Bank of Oman customer but have not yet registered with National Bank of Oman Internet Banking, you can do so easily and at your convenience by logging on to our Internet Banking portal and completing the registration process using your ATM card.

If you are not a National Bank of Oman customer, please visit any of our bank branches to open an account and gain access to the National Bank of Oman Internet Banking service.




Himayati Life Insurance

Himayati Life Insurance

Safety and security are a priority when you have a family and dependants, but traditional insurance schemes require extensive paperwork and tests before your policy is approved. That’s why, at National Bank of Oman

Takaful Motor Plan

Takaful Motor Plan

Your car is your prized possession. It helps you work, travel and see friends. Most importantly, it keeps your family safe. That’s why a comprehensive Takaful policy that covers not just your vehicle, but all its passengers too, is crucial. And it’s why, in partnership with Takaful Oman, we’ve launched Takaful Motor Plan, the hassle-free way to know that your car is fully covered.