At National Bank of Oman, we strive to offer you the best lifestyle solutions with insurance options that are conceived with your needs in mind. Our Himayati Home Insurance Plan covers your home and belongings and is underwritten by AXA In​​surance Gulf B.S.C. exclusively for our customers. Available to all homeowners and tenants in Oman,  we offer six standard plans to allow you the flexibility of finding the perfect insurance for your home.

All Himayati Home Insurance plans offer the below covers: 

Home Contents Cover
  • Damage and loss to home contents, such as household goods and personal effects caused by fire and allied perils.
  • Up to a maximum of 15% of contents sum insured to cover loss of rent or cost of alternative accommodation.
  • Visitors’ personal effects - OMR 250 in total for loss or damage.
​Personal Belongings Cover
  • Damages by accidental means and or loss of your personal belongings.
  • Valuables and portable equipment will be paid up to the sum insured shown in the schedule under the fees and charges section while within geographical limit.
  • While temporarily elsewhere in the world for not more than 90 days in any period of insurance.
We also offer three optional covers that can be purchased alongside your home insurance:

Buildings cover
  • Fire and perils  - STF, burglary, explosion, etc.
  • Up to a maximum of 15% of contents sum insured to cover loss of rent or cost of alternative accommodation.
  • Up to 10 % of building sum insured in case of damage to services.
Important Documents Cover
  • Personal money and credit cards – up to OMR 250.
  • Loss of passport, driving license or work permit – up to OMR 100 per document and OMR 300 in total.
Domestic Help Cover
  • Death or permanent total disablement due to accident - OMR 3,000.
  • Medical expenses due to accident - OMR 1,000.
  • Repatriation expenses in case of death or permanent total disablement due to accident - OMR 500.


Free travel insurance 
  • We’ve got your travel covered too. The National Bank of Oman offers free travel insurance to all our Himayati Home Insurance customers who purchase the annual plan and make payments on a yearly basis. 
  • Our travel insurance covers an unlimited number of trips anywhere in the world as long as each trip does not exceed 45 days.*
*Travel cover is limited to the primary beneficiary only and does not cover their family.
Himayati Home Insurance is available to all Omani citizens and expatriate residents, based on the below terms:
  • The property being insured must be in Oman.
  • You must be the legal owner or tenant of your house. Home insurance is not applicable to sublets.
To complete the home insurance opening process, please visit a National Bank of Oman branch near you, with your national ID card/resident card and the rest will be taken care of by your Relationship Manager at the bank.

Alternatively you can apply online through our Internet banking.

Download the fees and charges for Himayati Home Insurance 

1. What does the Himayati Home Insurance cover?

Our Himayati Home Insurance covers the contents of your household and personal belonging (within the house) due to fire, explosion, smoke, lightning, earthquake, riot, civil commotion, strike, labour disturbance, malicious damage, storm, flood, collision by vehicle, animal, aircraft or other aerial devices, escape of water from tanks, falling trees or antennas. Please refer to your policy for a full list of perils.

What’s more, the contents of your household are also covered when you are travelling for up to 60 consecutive days. We also offer worldwide coverage for personal belongings for up to 90 consecutive days during the policy period.​ 

2. What is meant by ‘contents'?

Contents include all household goods and personal effects (excluding money) that belong to you. This includes furniture and fittings that do not belong to the landlord.

3. What is meant by 'personal belongings'?

Personal belongings include articles for personal use that are worn, used or carried by you. For example, watches, jewellery, mobile phones or laptops.

4. What is the difference between ‘contents’ and ‘personal belongings’?

Contents are items that remain within the house, while personal belongings are items that may be carried outside the house.

5. Does this policy cover the contents of my home for any loss or damage due to riot, civil commotion, strikes or labour disturbances?

Yes, please refer to your policy for the full list of coverage.

6. Does this policy cover the contents of my home for any loss or damage due to storm, flood, tempest (such as cyclones Gonu and Phet) or any other natural calamity?

Yes, the policy covers natural calamities such as floods, storms and earthquakes.​​

7. How does the Himayati Home Insurance Plan work?

We offer six standard plans to suit your needs. Each plan covers contents and personal belongings of different insurance sums. For example, Plan 1 covers contents worth OMR 5,000 and personal belongings worth OMR 250. Whereas, Plan 6 covers contents worth OMR 50,000 and personal belongings worth OMR 2,500.​​

We also offer three optional covers - important documents, domestic help and cover for buildings - that can be purchased alongside the six main plans. 

8. Which plan should I choose?

We recommend choosing a plan based on the value of your household contents and personal belongings that offers a level of coverage you feel is most appropriate.​​

9. Do I need to give you a list of all my personal belongings and contents?

While you do not have to list all your personal belongings and contents, any valuable or item worth more than OMR 1,000 (for Sadara customers) or OMR 500 (for non-Sadara customers) must be separately declared. Alternatively, a single article limit of OMR 1,000 (for Sadara customers) or OMR 500 (for non-Sadara customers) will apply.

10. Should I insure the contents of my home and personal belongings even if I am a tenant and not a homeowner? Do I need to insure the building?

Absolutely, Himayati Home Insurance offers peace of mind by protecting your assets from unexpected misfortunes such as fire or natural calamities. In terms of building insurance, as you are not the owner, you are unable to insure it.​​

11. What if my home becomes uninhabitable due to any loss or damage from one of the perils insured?

If your home is damaged and made uninhabitable due to one of the perils listed in the first question above (please refer to Part A of Section 1 of your policy for a full list), Himayati Home Insurance will pay up to 15% of the ‘contents sum insured’ for your loss of rent or the cost of alternative accommodation.

12. As a tenant, will damage to my landlord’s property be covered?


13. Does Himayati Home Insurance cover domestic help and their belongings?

Your domestic help and their belongings are not covered in the six standard Himayati Home Insurance plans. However, we offer an optional, additional cover for accidental bodily injury to domestic help resulting in:
  • Death or permanent total disablement due to accident - OMR 3,000
  • Medical expenses due to accident - OMR 1,000
  • Repatriation expenses in case of death or permanent total disablement due to accident - OMR 500

14. What is the ‘important documents’ optional cover?

The important documents cover is optional coverage that can be purchased along with one of the six standard plans. Under the important documents options cover, we will pay for the cost of making duplicates of important documents such as your passport, driving license, works permit, residence permit and ID card if they are accidentally lost or damaged. This cover applies to you, your spouse and up to two children. The maximum amount payable is OMR 100 per document and OMR 300 in total.

Furthermore, any loss or damage due to accidental means to your ‘personal money’ and ‘credit card’ is covered as a free extension under the important documents cover.

15. Can I also purchase building insurance?

Yes, if you own the building or apartment you wish to insure. This can be purchased with or separately from the standard plans offered.

16. Does the Himayati Home Insurance have any additional features?

Yes, we offer Free Basic Travel Essential Insurance if you opt for the annual premium payment plan. This covers you for unlimited international travel for the year, provided each trip does not exceed 45 days.

Our free basic travel essential insurance covers personal accident, flight delays, death repatriation, baggage loss and baggage delay. Please refer your policy booklet for the limits for each of the covers. Remember this is not a medical insurance and does not provide cover for medical treatment.

17. Can I start my insurance today?

Yes, the insurance can start with immediate effect as soon as you pay the premium.

18. How do I pay?

Please visit your nearest National Bank of Oman branch or customer service unit.

19. How do I make a claim?

AXA's contact numbers for claims/enquiries are as follows:​​
Phone​ - 24400100 
Fax - 24400159
Timing: 8am to 5pm (Sunday to Thursday)

20. Do I have to pay any excess (deductible) if I make a claim?

Yes, please see the list of deductibles below:
  • Contents and personal belongings - OMR 25 per claim.
  • Important documents - OMR 10 per claim.
  • Buildings - OMR 100 per claim.
  • Loss of rent - the first seven days.
  • Travel essential - as per each section of the cover.

21. When will I receive my policy documents?

The original policy schedule along with the terms and conditions booklet will immediately be handed over to you at the point of sale.

22. Can I insure properties I own outside Oman with Himayati Home Insurance?

No, this product has been designed for use in Oman by citizens and residents. If you would like more information on international home insurance, we recommend contacting AXA Insurance directly.




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