Experience a smarter, easier and safer alternative to cash with NBO’s Badeel Prepaid card.
Easily manage your spending, and make purchases at millions of merchants worldwide while also being protected by state-of-the-art electronic security.
Using the prepaid card is simple. Just load cash into the card when you need the balance and spend it however you like.


Badeel Family Prepaid Card 

Enjoy effortless control of your family finances with the Badeel Family Prepaid Card. It reassures you and your family that there is an alternative to cash, where and when you need it most.
It’s the perfect way to keep control of the family budget and monitor transactions.

How does the Badeel Family Prepaid Card work?
  • Decide who needs a card, up to 6 supplementary / additional cards.*
  • Order & Load the cards through NBO banking application
  • Activate & Define the daily POS & ATM withdrawal limit for each card.
  • Give your family unforgettable shopping experience around the world with Mastercard Badeel Family Card from NBO.
  • Re-load the cards instantly through NBO banking application whenever is requires.

General Purpose Card

With the Badeel General Purpose Card, you can purchase goods and services, make online purchases, or pay bills. Get instant access to your funds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week anywhere MasterCard® is accepted.

Youth Card

NBO’s Badeel Youth Card is a reloadable card created especially for minors and the youth. Giving them a secure means of making purchases, manage money, and shop wisely the Badeel Youth Card is a great addition for any minor or youth looking for a way to effectively learn money management skills.

For minors:
  • Provides minors with financial independence
  • Access to funds for special activities, travel, or in case of emergencies.
  • For minors aged 15 to 18, a guardian’s approved is required to acquire a card.

For youth:
  • Enjoy the independence of making responsible purchases without having to borrow a guardians card
  • Conveniently accepted at millions of merchants worldwide, including online where cash is not an option.
  • Acquire smart money management skills

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​Download NBO Mobile Banking App from


​​Download NBO Mobile Banking App from

Download NBO Mobile Banking App from

FeesBadeel Family CardBadeel General Purpose CardBadeel Youth Card
Joining FeeRO 5RO 5RO 3
Card Replacement FeeRO 2RO 2RO 2
Additional Card FeeRO 2N/AN/A
Cash Withdrawal - NBO ATMsFreeFreeFree
Cash Withdrawal – GCC NetworkRO .800RO .800RO .800
Cash Withdrawal –International ATMsRO 1.500RO 1.500RO 1.500
Cash Withdrawal - other Local ATMsNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot Accepted
Card Top up Fee0.15% of top up amount0.15% of top up amount0.1% of top up amount
Minimum Cash Withdrawal LimitRO 10RO 10RO 10
Maximum BalanceRO 1000RO 1000RO 500
Earning Nuqati Reward Points on Local SpendsEach RO 10 earns 1 Nuqati pointEach RO 10 earns 1 Nuqati pointEach RO 10 earns 1 Nuqati point
Earning Nuqati Reward Points on International SpendsEach RO 1 earns 1 Nuqati pointEach RO 1 earns 1 Nuqati pointEach RO 1 earns 1 Nuqati point

How can I request a new Prepaid Card?
Existing NBO customers can simply log into their NBO Mobile banking app and request for a new card.
Non NBO customers will have to visit the nearest branch to open an account and request for a Badeel Prepaid card.
How can I activate my Badeel card?
Log in to the NBO Mobile banking app and select service request from the main menu.
How can I reload my Badeel card?
Log in to the NBO mobile banking app and select the card you wish to reload then transfer the amount from your saving or current account.
Can I change the PIN on my Prepaid Card?
Yes, you can change the PIN on your Card anytime you wish at an NBO ATM
What should I do if my card is lost, stolen, misused, or my PIN has been compromised?
If you happen to misplace your card or facing any other problems with it, contact our 24-hour Call Center immediately. We will help find you the best possible course of action, explain how you can replace your card and we’ll also help you obtain emergency cash if you need it. You can call us on 800 77077 (within OMAN) or +968 2447 0000 (if overseas).
What if my Card is declined in a shop?
Your card will only be rejected if MasterCard® or prepaid cards are not accepted at that location, you’re shopping in a restricted country or if you’ve run out of balance on your card. Also, some establishments like restaurants and car hire companies, may need you to have a balance that is greater than the purchase amount before they authorize your payment.
Will NBO charge me a fee for ATM withdrawals or point of sale transactions?
You will only be charged ATM usage fees as per the fees and charges schedule and nothing over and above it.
What do I do when asked if I want to pay for my transaction in Omani Rials or local currency?
When you’re traveling, we recommend that you stick to paying in the prevailing local currency rather than Rials so that you can avoid facing any additional foreign exchange transaction fees.
For example, in Paris choose Euros, in India choose Indian Rupees – this will ensure you are not charged an additional foreign exchange transaction fee by the merchant or ATM operator.

What do I do if I find an incorrect transaction on my Card?
If you have more questions about your Prepaid Card balances or you notice any unauthorized transactions, please notify our 24-hour Call Centre on 800 77077 (within Oman) or +968 2447 0000 (if overseas).

  • Prepaid Cards cannot be used for money transfers or for accessing or purchasing goods from adult or gambling internet sites (when correctly identified), and must not be used for any unlawful activity. You must comply with all laws and regulations (including any foreign exchange controls) in respect of the Card in the country of purchase and/or use.
  • Top up fees and limits apply.
  • Some ATM operators and merchants may directly charge a fee. Daily transaction and ATM withdrawal limits apply. Transactions and fees that require a currency conversion are calculated using MasterCard® foreign exchange rates and are subject to the NBO foreign currency conversion fee.
  • The MasterCard® foreign exchange rate and NBO foreign currency conversion fee apply when:
    • You use the Card to make an international transaction (ATM, point of sale (POS) or on-line).
  • The MasterCard® foreign exchange rate is set by MasterCard®, and is applied to the purchase or withdrawal amount. The rates may be subject to change.
Click here to view the full set of terms and conditions.


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