​Travel in style with the National Bank of Oman Titanium Credit Card. Our internationally accepted card is the ideal companion whether you’re shopping at the finest stores in Paris, enjoying a meal in Japan or even just buying gas in California.

For more information about our rates and charges, refer to the Schedule of Charges​.
For further details about the National Bank of Oman Titanium Credit Card, refer to the General Terms & Conditions.​

Airport Lounge Access

Travel should always feel like a privilege, and with the Middle East & Levant lounge program, it dose. As a Titanium MasterCard cardholder, you receive:

  • Unlimited, complimentary access for you to over 10 lounges in UAE, KSA, Jordan, Kuwait and Egypt.
  • Access to business facilities – E-mail, internet, Phones, fax machines, and conference space in some lounges.
  • Complimentary refreshments and snacks.

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Book your personal chauffeur 



Book a ride with Careem and have your own personal driver take you where you need to go. Choose the car type that suits your taste, book on the spot or schedule for a later pickup, and enjoy the comfort of your ride.



Now when you travel across countries in the Middle East with Titanium MasterCard, you can enjoy:

  • Your first ride free (for new Careem customers only)
  • Two 20% discounted rides, monthly.


Find a key to your city with priceless cities



Get access to handpicked experiences and offers in cities around the world. For more detail visit


Credit Shield

All credit card holders are automatically covered at inception of coverage and upon signing as a new credit card holder. Coverage for first three months will be free of charge and thereafter will be billed to their credit card account by National Bank of Oman.*

Covers the following:

  • Death
  • Critical Illness: stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, coronary artery bypass surgery cancer, MS and major organs transplant
  • Permanent disability for own occupation
  • Terminal illness including cancer



If the customer opts to unregister from the service he cannot go back to the program after unregistering. 

NBO Nuqati Points is Oman's first and only reward program that earns you Nuqati points for just any banking you do. The more you bank with NBO, the more Nuqati points you earn. Click here to see how to earn Nuqati Points.​

For comprehensive information on the National Bank of Oman Credit Card, refer to the Card General Terms & Conditions

​For more information about our rates and charges, refer to the Schedule of Charges

1. Why am I unable to withdraw cash on some occasions?

​​Your cash advance is limited to 100% of your credit limit. If you have already used this limit, further cash advances are not possible until you repay the amount.​

2. Tell me about my credit card statement.

​​We will send you a statement for your National Bank of Oman Credit Card during the first week of every month. It will be mailed to your home or office, based on your preference in the credit card application form. Your statement will indicate your previous balance, an itemised list of your current charges, any finance charges or fees, your payments and credits and your current balance. Please be sure to make note of the ‘minimum payment due’ and the ‘Payment due date’.​​​

3. If I have used my full credit limit, can I use the card?

​​No, if you have used up your entire credit limit you cannot use the credit card until you repay. The amount repaid will then be available for your use, provided the account is not overdue.​

4. ​How can I increase my credit limit?

​​We issue credit cards against your salary assignment, your deposit with us, your salary certificate or bank statement. If your credit limit is linked directly to your salary we can increase your credit limit, if it is less than the amount for which you are eligible. Alternately, you can increase your deposit amount to increase your credit limit.​







Visa Platinum Credit Card

Visa Platinum Credit Card

Visa Platinum lets you enjoy a host of attractive lifestyle privileges and experiences including airport lounge access.

Sadara Elite Account

Sadara Elite Account

For our priority banking customers, we’ve created a special interest-bearing account to help you make the most of your money.​​