Making your dreams a reality
Open an NBO Al Kanz Savings account with a minimum of OMR 100 and make every dream a reality. Four lucky winners will also take home our mega cash prize of OMR 250,000 each. Sadara, Mazaya, Youth, Women and salary transfer customers get an opportunity to participate in exclusive draws with chances to win across 2020.

Tips for winning Al Kanz prizes:
Open an Al Kanz or Savings Account
Increase your balance in Al Kanz or Savings account
Keep your money in your account for a longer period
Transfer your salary to NBO.

"Central Bank of Oman requires independent testing and observation of the Al Kanz prize draw, and NBO has complied with this requirement



Making your dreams a reality

Al Kanz 2020 Scheme

DrawWinners Each DrawMonth
Monthly (Sadara)3Jan-May / Jul-Nov
Salary Transfer30Jan-Dec
Badeel Al Kanz5Jan-Dec
Mazaya Exclusive4Jan-Dec
Youth205Feb & Sep
Quarterly 6Feb, May, Aug & Nov
Women's Day50Oct
National Day50Nov
National Day (Youth)50Nov
Half Yearly- Mega 2Jun & Dec

To complete the account opening process, please visit a National Bank of Oman branch near you with the necessary documents and the rest will be taken care of by your Relationship Manager at the bank.

Required Documents
  1. National ID Card for Omanis / Valid passport and visa for expatriates.​
 Your Relationship Manager will help you complete the following forms:​
  1. ​Account Opening Form
  2. ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) Form, which is a standard international best practice requirement. It includes information about your financial planning goals.
  3. Specimen Signature (SS) card
  • All Al Kanz, Al Kanz PLUS, and Non-interest Saving Accounts are eligible for the draw based on average monthly balance 
  • Every RO 100 of average balance or every RO 100 of Salary transfer (for the salary transfer draw) gives one chance to win (RO 100 = One Chance)
    • Mazaya customers get 1.5 chances for every RO 100 of average balance
    • Sadara customers get 2 chances for every RO 100 of average balance
    • Sadara customers are eligible for exclusive draw
    • Youth and Mazaya customers are eligible for an exclusive draw
  • For Sadara Exclusive and Mega draws, a minimum of RO 1,000 is required to qualify for the draw (RO 1000 will get 20 chances for Sadara customers)
  • For Salary transfer draw, a minimum salary transfer of RO 350 is required to qualify for the draw ( RO 350 will give you 3 chances )
  • Customer segments of Sadara, Mazaya, Youth etc. are as per bank's policy
  • On maintaining the balance in the following months, the customers will be rewarded with extra chances by adding the previous months' chances to current months' earned chances. This is valid for every calendar year and ends in December of every year.
  • The longer the money is kept, the more the chances in each of the draws.
  • If in any month, the average balance goes below RO 100, the customer will lose all the points earned in the previous months.
  • The following customers are not eligible for the Al Kanz draw:
    • NBO Staff and their immediate family members (Spouse and children under the age of 18 years)
    • NBO Board members and their immediate family members (Spouse and children under the age of 18 years)
    • All Blocked Accounts except deceased accounts
  • The Bank reserves the right to withdraw or change the chances to the draw for specific segments
  • The Bank will communicate the details of the winners within 5 working days of the draw
  • The Bank will publish the names of the winners of the draw
  • The prize amount will be credited to the customers' account within 7 working days [after appropriate verification] of the date of the draw
  • In case the customer does not want the prize money, the same will be credited to a charity account as per the CBO guidelines.
  • For every OMR 100 credited in your Al Kanz account, you will earn 9 Nuqati points. This is based on an increase in your net balance compared to the previous month’s average balance.





Badeel Prepaid Card

Badeel Prepaid Card

Enjoy effortless control of your family finances with the Badeel Prepaid Card. It reassures you and your family that there is an alternative to cash, where and when you need it most. It’s the perfect way to keep control of the family budget and monitor transactions.

Mazaya Privilege Banking

Mazaya Privilege Banking

National Bank of Oman recognises your need for prompt and efficient banking. By maintaining a deposit of R.O 15,000 and/or a salary of RO 1000 and above, you can be part of an exclusive and rewarding banking experience with our ‘Mazaya’ proposition.