Corporate App 

As a trustworthy and supportive partner to its corporate customers, NBO introduces the Corporate App, which enables seamless banking at your fingertips. 

The Corporate App (available for iOS and Android) is a secure, user-friendly platform geared for customers to easily conduct transactions using their mobile phone 

Features and Benefits:

  • Security: 

Preserve your information with a secure login and a 3 factor authentication

  • Immediacy:

Make decisions in real-time with instant transactions, payment approvals and dynamic account information 

  • Simplicity:

Use your existing Corporate Internet Banking platform login information to access your app as well 

  • Efficiency 

Approve transactions initiated from the Corporate Internet Banking online platform and reject or approve transactions through the NBO Corporate App

 Additional Features

  1. Manage your business anytime, anywhere

  2. Manage approvals of payments and transactions

  3. View last approved, pending or rejected transactions

  4. View account summary, statements and transaction history

  5. -View book balance, deposit and withdrawal of the day

  6. View status of cheques and corresponding cheque numbers

  7. View available overdraft limits

  8. View ATMs, Branch Locations and Sadara Centers

  9. Get in touch with your account Relationship Manager directly with single click

  10. Access to research reports and current news from Global Market

How to apply for the NBO Corporate App:

To get access to application follow two simple steps as below

  1. Download and install the NBO Corporate App Free of Charge

  2. Login to the NBO Corporate App with your existing Corporate Internet Banking User ID, Password and Passcode to start using the app

How to use the NBO Corporate App

Below is a user guide for specific features of the Corporate App

Transaction Approval

  • Select “Financial Approval” option to approve or reject the transactions previously initiated via Corporate Internet Banking. 

  • Tap the “Transaction” or “View” icon to be redirected to the approval screen. 

  • After transaction is approved, a confirmation message will be sent to you 

  • To facilitate a rejection, enter a valid reason 

  • Transaction card will display list of pending transactions

  • Swipe left or right to see more pending transaction cards

Approval History 

Choose “See Last Transaction” on the relevant date to see the last approved or rejected transaction. 

Transaction History 

Select “View Statement”, followed by “Recent Transaction” to view 10 most recent transactions of the selected account.  Search for specific transaction by choosing “Search Transaction”.

Account Summary

Select an account under “Account summary” panel on the main landing page to be redirected to the “Account detail” page which details account number, account type, currency, amount on hold, available balance, today deposit, today withdrawal and book balance.

Cheque Status

Select “Cheque Status” to view the status of cheque by entering the cheque number or the amount. This screen will display the status of the cheque as “Paid” or “Outstanding”.

Available Limits

Select “Available Limits” to view overdraft available limits. The limits are graphically represented with a light blue bar signifying the overdraft limit and a dark blue bar signifying utilization.

Contact your Relationship Manager

Tap “Call RM” to access your RM’s contact information. Contact your RM by selecting the “Call RM” or “SMS RM” button.  


Select “Location” to view our extended network of branches, ATMs and Sadara centers.


For more information about the Corporate App, 

contact 24774430/4431 or write to us at

Download the app today to start managing your business on the go. 

The App is available for both iOS and Android